Super sweet little find on Instagram which I couldn’t resist sharing. Tiny PMS Match is the personal project of designer Inka Mathew. She matches everyday objects to their Pantone® colour equivalences but with mini things and tiny swatches. Nothing more to add except that I wish I had thought of it and had the time to do such a fun project.

One of the most exciting things about my job is creating a vision and a personality for brands. Seeing my ideas develop from being just a moodboard, to a full on advertising campaign and store communication graphics is so rewarding and often can be rather fun. I love the creative processes behind it all, but in particular the bits you don’t see as a consumer. All the hard work and skill that goes into sourcing appropriate props, lighting the perfect shot of a not-so-perfect cake, or the practice it takes to get the hot dog ketchup and mustard perfectly intertwined (looking appetising yet completely natural at the same time), or how many bites of a doughnut it takes to get the right shape and amount of oozing jam (guess who enjoyed that little task… eh hem). All of these things and more are contributions to the creative journey. I wanted to share some of these small, yet fundamental moments with you that have been part of my last two days. It’s often the little things that allow big things happen, but that doesn’t mean they can’t happen with a smile on your face.  #behindthescenes

Thanks again to photographer Howard Shooter, Vincent his assistant and Maud the food stylist. Excited to see and share the results… Watch this space! 

I can’t get enough of Rifle Paper Co. and their pretty, whimsical stationery designs. The crafted illustrations and ideas of husband and wife team Anna and Nathan in Florida are definitely worth sharing with pen pals or simply to enjoy at home. These designs are currently on my wish list…

Telephone Message Pad - $8.00
Hanging Garden Recipe Cards - $12
Assorted ‘Hello’ cards - x8 Cards, $18
Gold Foil Pocket Notebooks - $10 for the two

UK stockists from Liberty to Papercahse and all over the world from America to Iceland. See the full list here

I’m a sucker for colour. Combined with geometry I can’t seem to tear my eyes away from these creative and exciting fusions of shape and form. My mind starts to wonder how I can generate dynamic editorial grids using these ideas or inject juxtaposing colours into my work. These compositions are the work of Carl Kleiner, a talented photographer and creative thinker who is known for generating unusual yet striking imagery. The original article from People of Print, copied below makes an interesting short read.

"Photographer and stylist Carl Kleiner has created these stylish compositions with Herman Miller’s materials palette, capturing a sense of play in colour and showing how important colour is in product design. According to Institute of Colour Research, between 62 and 90 percent of subconscious opinions about a product are mostly based on colour. This is the reason why Laura Guido-Clark, creative director of Materials for Herman Miller has developed an untraditional method called ‘climatology’ to learn about human values and emotions.

‘Climatology’ is a process of determining colour palettes by taking ‘temperature readings’ of the current environments in order to analyse human moods and expressions. These graphic compositions show different refreshed materials consisting of Fibreglass, Crepe, Resonance, Groundcloth textiles, etc. They are intended to be not only a reference but also something for clients and designers to enjoy and explore.”

Herman Miller’s Refreshed Materials Palette by Carl Kleiner
The article source People of Print

High street giant Starbucks have had their share of struggles in retaining brand loyalty after backlash from the Worlds media, particular in here in the UK since the ‘big-tax-dodge-episode’ in 2012. Myself included in the percentage of people ‘anti Starbucks’, who over the years have been influenced by financial rumours, a negative ethical background and the way their stores pop up on every street corner ruining local high streets. Yet I do take my hat off to them for continuing to fight the battles and for pushing the limits of their brand - from finessing, tweaking and launching new logo’s every few years, interactive and viral advertising campaigns, leaders in creative ways to connect directly with the customer (scribble your name on your coffee cup… simples.) to launching impactful, artistic packaging designs such as the above for their new Tribute Blend®.  

There are many little things niggling in the back of my mind that still often steer me towards Pret rather than Starbucks, but I do have a feeling that sooner rather than later those burned bridges, with me, will be re-built. There is no escaping the fact that they know their brand, love their brand and are always willing to push boundaries. Perhaps as a fellow creative I’m getting drawn by the beacon of fancy packaging? Or perhaps the skinny cappuccino with my name on is in fact delicious, just the way I like it and goes perfectly with their breakfast Berry Bircher pot… for a once in a while treat. Or maybe it is because I can appreciate when a super brand such as Starbucks can be bold enough to launch something so far away from their original brand image, reflects current trends and, well lets face it, is super attractive.

Created Tribute Blend® to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary, to honor customers and partners, and to recognize the accomplishments of the coffee producers and roasters.a

Images from The Dieline

Yes I know, another cook book… soz, but this one does look rather irresistible. Tasty Express, the first cookbook by Sneh Roy published by Random House, boasts over 100 recipes, stunning photographs and heaps of tips, tricks, stories and step-by-steps. Easy-to-make and easy-to-take mainly vegetarian recipes will become your lunchbox and weeknight staples. Available in Australia from 01st April and here in the UK later this year in September. Just in time for those autumnal afternoons perhaps even on this years Christmas list (golly gosh…) It does hint at the style of What Katie Ate, a domestic, cooking and styling goddess, but with a bit more grunge and a slightly down to earth, veggie approach. But I still can’t contain my excitement, so here’s a little ‘Whop!’

Tasty Express and Cook Republic

Looking at some of my recent activity on Pinterest I seem to be favouring the pastel trend too. Perhaps it’s the coming of Spring and the urge to stash the coat in the closet and bring out the sunnies and anything colourful, not resembling a wet and dreary day… bring it on, I’m soooo ready.

1. Small pink leather shoulder bag & Other Stories
2. Vivien Peep Toes Sandals  LK Bennett
3. Amory marble board Rowen & Wren
4. Poster design by Amy Rodchester
5. Doughnuts image from Tumblr
6. To the beach from Tumblr Swan Dive

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I just love this simple yet stylish branding by the marvels out in Mexico Anagrama. Branding is just as important to your business if you’re as a big as the brainchild of James Dyson or as small as your local dry cleaners in California. Yet sadly more often than not, this simple fact gets missed in the business planning process. This is actually one of my bugbears if I’m completely honest. If you are a little cafe, an ironmonger or a small boutique outlet, well considered branding and coherent messaging is what can help set you apart on your local high street. Branding is not just for the big boys folks. This project goes to show that whatever your business, if you take pride in yourself and are confident in your offering, reputable clientele and a blossoming relationship will surely follow.

Another good example of how confident and considered Branding can make an differenceNow tell me who you would rather order your Saturday night take away from - Mr. Nothing Special Local Fried Chicken or these guys?
- Deliveracne

Women have always had an infatuation with horses. Their understated elegance, beautiful confidence and soul behind the eyes is perhaps a beacon reflecting memories of a bygone age. A time where Prince Charming relied on his trusty steed to steer him through the perils intercepting his journey to the woman he loves. A loyal companion who wouldn’t think twice about taking an arrow, who nuzzles the prince from unconsciousness and who’s instinct is worth more than your intuition. It’s clear to me who the true hero of a fairy tale is. Maybe that’s because I’m a woman. 

Stunning horse studies by Mexican Artist Michelle Lartigue

It’s finally time to unveil this delightful project I had the pleasure of working on late last year. These images were created as part of the Euphorium Bakery flagship store launch in Threadneedle Street, London. Of course the concept of playing creatively with your food and ingredients is rather a trendy thing to do these days yet it fitted my brief perfectly. I created these typographic solutions using Euphorium bakery slogans which were then laser cut into stencils for shoot props. With the help of talented food photographer Howard Shooter and the steady hand of stylist Dagmar Veselyand, I was able to get the result I wanted. A lot of this project was trial and error but in the end it was super satisfying and such fun to do!

On Pinterest I spotted this elegant cover design for The Hub Magazine, with a bit of research discovered the talented illustrator Kelly Smith. Her lifelike, whimsical fashion inspired illustrations are so pretty and elegantly detailed, often with a pastel colour wash over the top. Her blog is a great way to see behind the scenes and get to know Kelly, definitely inspiring- makes me wish I had this talent!

Kelly’s website

Well isn’t this an interesting little place. Newly opened on Old Street, Ziferblat is London’s first Pay-per-minute café. Already popular in Russia, Ziferblat “is a place where everyone cal feel at home” says founder. A cobbled together, relaxed environment where everyone is welcome as long as you respect the space and the guests in it. Everything is free - food, coffee even wi-fi, except the time that you spend there. Customers pay 3p per minute or £1.80 per hour, you can even bring your own food and drink. This social experiment is hoping to expand local communities and influence life. My only question is who has the stop watch? An ‘honesty policy’ is not a new concept but perhaps it is pushes expectations for a London audience. Only time will tell - but i’m certainly going to be paying a visit, if I can nab an empty seat that is… #watchthisspace 

388 Old Street
London EC1V